Come meet me at Subang Parade’s weekend bazaar!

YES!! I will be at SP’s I Love Bazaar on August 7th 2011, from 11am up till 9pm. There’ll be many other vendors, selling an array of clothes, bags, sccessories, shoes, vintage pieces and even home-baked cakes and cookies!! I’m sure there’ll also be a handful of crafters who’ll be showcasing their handmade goodies, ME included! ūüėČ

There will also be colorful and cute little owl pillows for sale. These are¬†100% handmade by Fong. These make perfect baby shower gifts, or even just to make someone smile…or get one to make conversation in your own living hall. We are proud to be the sole distributor (in Malaysia) for Fong’s owl pillow creations. All owl pillow designs are ORIGINAL and remain¬†the copyright of Fong’s Studio, Malaysia.

Please come by with your family and friends; it’s going to be a Sunday and you don’t have to go through rush-hour traffic to get to us. I’d love to meet you and if you’d like an organizer bin¬†custom made to your needs, or have¬†something else in mind,¬†I’d be glad to help. If you’d like to make¬†a beeline for my booth that day, head straight to Booth No. 33, near Sasa on the First Floor.

See you soon!


Another night spent cutting fabric, tacking, sewing…. *yawn*

It’s nice to see a few more bins sitting up on my shelf each night…but it sure is exhausting the next morning as I struggle even to just roll over to look at my son (who’s already standing next to my bed, going “Mummy, WAKE UP! WAKE UP!”), give a smile and say “Good morning sweetie, could you give Mommy another 5 minutes puh-leeeeezz!?”. Will I get those precious five minutes??? Nope! My little man has a built-in automatic alarm clock that has no snooze button, and making him sleep late (so he’ll wake up late), doesn’t work either! Of course, I would get an earful from my mother if I kept this young man up past 9.30pm. ūüôā

I placed an order for a bolt of Pellon’s Peltex 70 stabilizer yesterday. Can’t wait for them to arrive, hopefully SOON! They are excellent to work with,¬†and gives¬†that ideal loft to my organizer bins. It’s called an “ultra firm” stabilizer, yet it is soft enough to make the turning process so effortless. I’ve tried several other types of interfacing which I purchased in local craft stores, none came close to Pellon.

Okay, here’s the sum up for tonight…I¬†made TEN bins and cut fabrics for another five!! Yay! And now, I am going to get my much needed sleep. It’s almost 6am!! Another 2.5 hours, and I’ll hear a loud “Mummy, WAKE UP!”.

NEW!! Our recently crafted Organizer Bins are for sale now!

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NEW fabric designs out now!

Our organizer bin is the perfect size for your storage solution, from keeping keys and mail, storing CDs/DVDs and remote controls, holding kids toys, diapers (holds up to 12), video game controls, accessories to holding bathroom items or as a gift basket for a baby shower or Halloween, or to hold your freshly baked breakfast rolls!

Made using 100% Cotton fabrics

Handwash preferred

Dimension: Approximately 6″ in height with a 8″ x 5″ base

Organizer bins are constructed at time of purchase. You will receive your item within 10 days from confirmation of order. Please let me know if you need your bin shipped sooner.

Price: RM59.90 each

The process of tacking my fabric bins is becoming easier….

and while I get my fingers pricked every now and then, I’ve learnt (obviously not in a very positive way….ouch!) that this step is really quite critical in ensuring my bins turn out looking great. Tacking, in sewing terms, is making a temporary stitch to hold in place pieces of fabric or trimmings. For this important step, I love Clover’s¬†flower head pins because they are alot sturdier and longer than the regular tacking pins, thus able to hold together the thick layers of fabric and interfacing that I use. The flat head makes it convenient for machine stitching too!

This is how my bins look after they’re tacked, all “assembled” and ready for stitching!

Tacked fabric bins - now you know how they look on the inside ...without the pins, of course!

A closer look at these flower head pins:

Comes in a box of 100 pins in 4 colors.

Love these Clover Flower Head pins!

One of my favorites! Heather Bailey’s Nicey Jane – Picnic Bouquet in Moss Green

I’m going green tonight….picked this one out from my stash and have tacked a couple of bins ready for sewing this weekend. With our humid weather here in Malaysia, and the recent haze enveloping the Klang Valley skies, I have been literally hiding at home, doors and windows shut, with the air-conditioning set to 18C almost throughout the day. This refreshing floral print reminds me of spring, so I decided to work with these tonight.

Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane - Picnic Bouquet in Moss Green

Like this? Come back soon and you’ll see my new Fabric Organizer Bins in a day or two! ūüôā

Fabric Organizer Bins Launching TODAY!

Turning the house upside down for your car keys just as you are rushing out for that early morning meeting? Searching high and low for your TV remote control (and fuming because your cheeky toddler had probably hidden it in his mountain of toys!!)? Haven’t had time to sort out¬†your¬†one-week’s mail that’s piling up on your desk?¬†Time to get organized!

Our all-time favorite for those with FURkids!

¬†Our fabric bin is¬†the perfect size for your storage solutions at home. Use them to organize and store CDs/DVDs, remote controls, keys,¬†mail, toys, and even toilet¬†rolls! Get a few for your¬†kids’ room – they come handy in holding hair accessories, video games, art & stationery¬†supplies and¬†soft toys.¬†One bin can hold around 12 disposable diapers or¬†up to 4¬†cloth diapers. These bins¬†are¬†not only¬†functional, they¬†come in a wide assortment of fabric designs to suit every individual’s personality and¬†unique taste!
Bin Dimension: Approximately 6″ in height with a base of 8″ x 5″
Fabric Organizer Bins will be constructed at time of purchase. Call or email me to place an order :

It’s gonna be sewing tonight!

It was already 11pm when I’d sorted out my nightly routine – tucking son into bed, washing up feeding bottles, putting in the laundry and tummy rubs for my 2 furkids. I sank into the couch, and there I was ….¬†just too exhausted to move. It was “sewing night” and fabric bins were scheduled for production.¬†I got some fabrics cut and started sewing the pieces together, and got as far as tacking some bins so I could just sew away later when I get into the swing of things. That was good progress considering it’s a Friday night!

For now, I shall just go curl up next to my sweet son and hopefully, be able to share his dreams!