Something new, exciting, and almost certainly crazy!

I used to work full-time, staying up late to review pages and pages of market reports. Since the arrival of my precious little boy, I have been a stay-home mummy enjoying every moment of motherhood. Recently, having turned 2 years old, my boisterous young toddler is learning to play independently and while still needing a watchful eye (at all times!!!), he does allow me some time to sit at my work desk to check emails and stay connected to the world. Alas, I am getting a little restless, wondering if I could do something more than merely playing catch and hide, or attending to the little daily needs of a child that is increasingly whiny and impossible!!

I needed more than just interaction with a toddler, fulfilling my roles and responsibilities as a mother. I had to re-discover myself, re-connect to the world outside, and to keep my sanity. Believe me, I felt rather ‘trapped’ in my own home in the entire first year I dedicated wholly to my son. While I loved every new experience with him, I yearned for the lifestyle I used to have, the freedom….I wanted to do something that would stimulate my senses, provide mental challenge, perhaps a new skill I could learn from scratch and one that I would enjoy putting to good use far into my golden years….. and one day, it just hit me…SEWING! Something that is surely not new to all of us; in fact it sounds kind of ‘old-fashioned’ (to me).

I must say that being a full-time mummy gave me a huge advantage, because for the first time in my life, I could choose to do something totally crazy, something that isn’t about sitting in an office staring at the laptop, something that isn’t about deadlines (really, who needs them anyway?) and yes, all these in a blink of an eye!…without the hassle of drafting that resignation letter which can take awhile to get done, simply because I, for one, have never tendered my resignation with an offer I had already accepted. LOL

But in all serious-ness, ME…the square, serious and by-the-book person I’ve always been…sewing?? Who would have imagined?!?! Here I am with hardly a clue whatsoever on blogging (yep! yet another thing I am gravely challenged in but have plucked up enough courage to get started, anyway!), trying my hand at setting up my very own blog on all things fabric.

So here it is ….  the beginning of a journey that’s to be “A Mother’s Renewed Inspiration”.



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