Fabric Organizer Bins Launching TODAY!

Turning the house upside down for your car keys just as you are rushing out for that early morning meeting? Searching high and low for your TV remote control (and fuming because your cheeky toddler had probably hidden it in his mountain of toys!!)? Haven’t had time to sort out your one-week’s mail that’s piling up on your desk? Time to get organized!

Our all-time favorite for those with FURkids!

 Our fabric bin is the perfect size for your storage solutions at home. Use them to organize and store CDs/DVDs, remote controls, keys, mail, toys, and even toilet rolls! Get a few for your kids’ room – they come handy in holding hair accessories, video games, art & stationery supplies and soft toys. One bin can hold around 12 disposable diapers or up to 4 cloth diapers. These bins are not only functional, they come in a wide assortment of fabric designs to suit every individual’s personality and unique taste!
Bin Dimension: Approximately 6″ in height with a base of 8″ x 5″
Fabric Organizer Bins will be constructed at time of purchase. Call or email me to place an order :

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