The process of tacking my fabric bins is becoming easier….

and while I get my fingers pricked every now and then, I’ve learnt (obviously not in a very positive way….ouch!) that this step is really quite critical in ensuring my bins turn out looking great. Tacking, in sewing terms, is making a temporary stitch to hold in place pieces of fabric or trimmings. For this important step, I love Clover’s flower head pins because they are alot sturdier and longer than the regular tacking pins, thus able to hold together the thick layers of fabric and interfacing that I use. The flat head makes it convenient for machine stitching too!

This is how my bins look after they’re tacked, all “assembled” and ready for stitching!

Tacked fabric bins - now you know how they look on the inside ...without the pins, of course!

A closer look at these flower head pins:

Comes in a box of 100 pins in 4 colors.

Love these Clover Flower Head pins!

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