Another night spent cutting fabric, tacking, sewing…. *yawn*

It’s nice to see a few more bins sitting up on my shelf each night…but it sure is exhausting the next morning as I struggle even to just roll over to look at my son (who’s already standing next to my bed, going “Mummy, WAKE UP! WAKE UP!”), give a smile and say “Good morning sweetie, could you give Mommy another 5 minutes puh-leeeeezz!?”. Will I get those precious five minutes??? Nope! My little man has a built-in automatic alarm clock that has no snooze button, and making him sleep late (so he’ll wake up late), doesn’t work either! Of course, I would get an earful from my mother if I kept this young man up past 9.30pm. 🙂

I placed an order for a bolt of Pellon’s Peltex 70 stabilizer yesterday. Can’t wait for them to arrive, hopefully SOON! They are excellent to work with, and gives that ideal loft to my organizer bins. It’s called an “ultra firm” stabilizer, yet it is soft enough to make the turning process so effortless. I’ve tried several other types of interfacing which I purchased in local craft stores, none came close to Pellon.

Okay, here’s the sum up for tonight…I made TEN bins and cut fabrics for another five!! Yay! And now, I am going to get my much needed sleep. It’s almost 6am!! Another 2.5 hours, and I’ll hear a loud “Mummy, WAKE UP!”.


2 thoughts on “Another night spent cutting fabric, tacking, sewing…. *yawn*

    • Hi Olive,
      I don’t have anymore of this fabric. I also don’t sell fabrics. 🙂 If you are located in PJ/KL, you could try going to Craft World in SS2 where I got this fabric. They might still have this print.

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