Party favors for Ethan’s birthday celebration

My nephew, Ethan, is turning 3 next week, and I thought I’d make these little crayon wallets to give away as party favors for his classmates. I often help my sister prepare party packs, which usually comprise an assortment of candy. Kids these days eat so much candy, there are even research studies conducted to indicate that high sugar intake makes kids not only restless, it can even lead to violence in young children!!!

Bug Print Crayon Wallet

I made a few of these already, but this one turned out best, after a few tweaks here and there to get the Velcro strip properly placed and the seam allowance right.

I need to make 15 crayon wallets, and I have till Thursday. 🙂 So it’ll be those go-to-bed-at-4am nights for me over the next 3 days! And I still haven’t found those 3″ x 5″ notepads yet!!!! *pull hair*

Nitezzzzzz everyone!


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