We are back to the sewing table!

After almost 2 months since the Christmas celebrations, we are back in action after a very rewarding and much-needed break! What got me back to serious business at the sewing table, you ask? Well….how’s RM725 to set you back for a start? A trip to Quilt Friends (Bernina PJ) was something on my to-do list since the festivities were over. Somehow (and as always), this “task” got pushed further and further down an increasingly long list. Everyone had settled back into routine, …but yours truly here had been taking things way too easy! Relaxing with a book all curled up in my favorite spot in the house, sipping coffee…you must wonder, what happened to the daily madness of attending to a boisterous little monster and getting housework done, plus getting that creative inspiration in the dead of the night??

 My little man reached a new milestone on February 2nd, when he first attended playschool. So every week now, I get THREE mornings completely to myself! I thought, “Great! That’d give me lots of time to work on my new projects for 2012,” But procrastination got the better of me. 😉 Still, I got started today!! 

So here is my very first post for the new year, and I promise I will try my best to pop in every few days. I am in the midst of something very exciting which, if everything goes well, I believe will launch Make Mine Fabric into our next growth phase.

Till my next blog entry….have a beautiful day everyone!