Kids’ Tote Bags – Christmas Sale Offer at RM54 each!

Just made and fresh from the sewing table!

Picture below shows Animals All Over (L) and Orchard Farmdale (R).

Kids' Tote Bags RM54 each

Price: RM54 each (Normal Price: RM60)

What’s included – Each bag comes stocked with a coloring/sticker activity book and 10 Crayola non-toxic crayons.

Dimension – Approximately 9.5″ x 9.5″ x 1.5″ (Note: Height is 14″ from top of straps to base)

Material: 100% Cotton

Washable, preferably handwash or gentle/delicates cycle in the washing machine.


Forest Life – Tote bags all ready to travel up north!

Custom order for Kids' Tote Bags

A customized order from Penang will take these adorable tote bags to 4 lucky little divas. Main fabrics are from the Michael Miller’s new Forest Life in Orchard/Purple and Watermelon, paired with coordinating fabrics to produce a 2-tone effect. Sewn inside each tote is a crayon slot that holds 6 average-sized crayons on one side, and a double pocket on the other.

What’s included – Each tote comes stocked with a coloring/sticker activity book and 3 twistable crayons.

Dimension – Rectangular shaped, each tote measures approximately 10″ x 7″ X 1.5″

I can’t wait to hear about the grins and giggles from the kids! 🙂

p/s Please excuse the lousy photography skills. I took this photo at 2+ in the morning, and was almost falling over as I tried to take a birds-eye view of the tote bags from above my son’s play table. Notice I didn’t even remove them from the plastic packaging?

Twins’ 6th Birthday

My gorgeous twin nieces…it was their 6th birthday last Friday. Happily carrying the bags I made for them, they wanted to have a picture taken with a “fairy” while we were at VivoCity Mall, Singapore.

Beatrice & Caitlynn on their 6th birthday

Beatrice is carrying a 2-tone rectangular tote with bright cheerful sun polkas (Pretty Birds by Pillow & Maxfield, Michael Miller Fabrics) with a chilli red water-drop pattern (One Bizillion BC by Sue Marsh, RJR Fabrics) to match. Caitlynn shows off her all-pink, also 2-toned, bag with a shopping fashionista pattern (Girl Stuff Hallmark in Rose for Free Spirit) paired with an adorable dots in pink print (Crazy for Dots & Stripes, RJR Fabrics).

The twins’ had a birthday party in school, and each of their classmates had one of these bags too, all in various fabric designs and colors. Here are 2 :

Hedgehog in Cream, Michael Miller Fabrics single-tone, square bag for kids

David Walker’s Oh Boy – Animals All-over in White for Free Spirit rectangular bag for kids

These bags were made with reference to an original EmmiGrace Kids pattern, and has been modified to include an extra inner pocket to hold your little artist’s notes, art sketches and other little what-nots. I can also sew in slots to hold crayons (upon request) so your little one can have unlimited doodle fun on the go. This bag is large enough for you to fill with lots of goodies to keep them busy wherever you go. It also makes a good carry-all to hold a small water tumbler, thin cardigan and pocket tissues.

Interested to get one of these? Call me at 012-2869730 or drop me an email at and we can work from there. We love custom orders too, so if you have something in mind, or want a certain quantity of these, let me know!

NEW – Crayon pouch for kids!

Your kids will love this one! Our latest homemade fabric goodie will definitely come in handy for mommies who constantly rummage through their baby bags, handbags, backpacks, etc for that one toy that’ll keep little bub quiet while dinner is served, or while on a road trip out of town. I find these absolutely useful when I have tea with my girlfriends AND have to bring my toddler along. It saves me a whole lot of stress trying to hold a conversation while struggling to keep Aidann from whining or wailing (that’s on top of having to restrain him in his highchair!). Sounds familiar? 🙂

Marketplace in Apple

Choose a few and have one in the car, in your handbag, in the stroller pocket and/or anywhere you like! These crayon pouches also make excellent party favors. Originally from an EmmiGrace Kids pattern, this crayon pouch was given a slight twist with its open-fast Velcro flap.

Currently on sale at our INTRODUCTORY OFFER price of only RM29.90 (Normal Price: RM35) each, you won’t want to miss getting a few for your kids, or as a gift to a special niece/nephew!

Each crayon pouch comes well-stocked with 6 Crayola crayons and a notepad so your little artist can get busy straightaway!

Material: Made using 100% Cotton fabrics

Dimension: 4.25″ X 6″ when closed (actual size may differ slightly as all items are individually handcrafted)

Free shipping for all Malaysian addresses! 🙂 For international orders, please contact me for a quote with your order.

Email me at to place your order.

Crayon wallets a hit with Ethan’s friends

Party favors for Ethan's birthday celebration

I made these to give away as party favors at Ethan’s birthday party in school last Monday. They are easy to make, but involve quite a number of steps. So it did keep me up most nights for almost a week. But it was all worth it…

What a joy it was to see the little ones peer into their goodie bags to see what they’ve just received. This new toy will give Mummy an additional item to whip out when their toddler starts fussing in his highchair, or during long-haul flights / car rides.

Ethan’s choice

Ethan chose this one – his favorite color GREEN! This is a very cute bug print all the way from Hawaii, and I’m still waiting for more of these to come. When they do, you’ll see some new crayon wallet designs here. So come back in the next 2 weeks!

More photos:

Party favors for Ethan’s birthday celebration

My nephew, Ethan, is turning 3 next week, and I thought I’d make these little crayon wallets to give away as party favors for his classmates. I often help my sister prepare party packs, which usually comprise an assortment of candy. Kids these days eat so much candy, there are even research studies conducted to indicate that high sugar intake makes kids not only restless, it can even lead to violence in young children!!!

Bug Print Crayon Wallet

I made a few of these already, but this one turned out best, after a few tweaks here and there to get the Velcro strip properly placed and the seam allowance right.

I need to make 15 crayon wallets, and I have till Thursday. 🙂 So it’ll be those go-to-bed-at-4am nights for me over the next 3 days! And I still haven’t found those 3″ x 5″ notepads yet!!!! *pull hair*

Nitezzzzzz everyone!