Heather Bailey Bijoux Tiled Primrose in RED – only RM20 per meter!

I was at the craft shop yesterday (after crawling through a bad jam) to get some fusible batting, when this striking piece of fabric caught my eye. And it was on clearance – RM20 for a meter! What a steal!!

Heather Bailey Bijoux Tiled Primrose in RED

This 100% cotton, medium-weight quilt material would make a gorgeous lining fabric for any crafting or sewing project.


Package from India!

The burlap fabric I ordered arrived last week, just 2 days after I placed my order. It turned out the seller from the United States arranges for her suppliers to have them shipped out from India…which explains the much more affordable shipping costs.

Here they are..2 yards of them to get me started onΒ my new project.

For some curious friends who’s been asking what these potato sack materials are for….I’m just going to say the crafted end-result will look very nice on your walls. Stay tuned! πŸ˜‰



Burlap fabrics on the way!!

Finally found a seller on Etsy that sells natural burlap fabric at a pretty reasonable price. It’s more costly than what Fabric Direct offers, but shipping is way more affordable. At Fabric Direct, I have to pay over US$100 to get 4 yards here! Now, I just pay US$6.99 for 2 yards.

So looking forward to see the burlap! And once I get them, I’ll be launching a new product here! So stay tuned to this blog!!

Oh yes….I’ve just secured my first wholesale order today! So excited!Β πŸ™‚

One of my favorites! Heather Bailey’s Nicey Jane – Picnic Bouquet in Moss Green

I’m going green tonight….picked this one out from my stash and have tacked a couple of bins ready for sewing this weekend. With our humid weather here in Malaysia, and the recent haze enveloping the Klang Valley skies, I have been literally hiding at home, doors and windows shut, with the air-conditioning set to 18C almost throughout the day. This refreshing floral print reminds me of spring, so I decided to work with these tonight.

Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane - Picnic Bouquet in Moss Green

Like this? Come back soon and you’ll see my new Fabric Organizer Bins in a day or two! πŸ™‚

Adorable bug prints made in and shipped from Hawaii

FQ sampler pack of Bugaboo and Happy Pests from Sweetkapua

These cute bug prints are just too hard to resist! I stumbled upon them by chance on Etsy, and I got to know this wonderfully bubbly expectant mom (who has just welcomed her 3rd child last Sunday) who runs an online Kawaii fabric and pouch business.

I received my package from SweetKapua 2 days ago, and was squealing in delight as I checked out the sampler pack of 7 fat quarters featuring Amber’s collection of creepy crawlies and bugs. I am already tempted to order more yardages for my Children’s Toys range of products. They will look great as crayon wallets, don’t you think so? πŸ˜›

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