Quick guide to ZIPPERS!

I was doing some leisurely reading this morning and found this wonderful Guide to Zippers. Concise and well-illustrated with great pictures, this is an absolutely informative and interesting write-up for anyone looking for a quick tip or two!


Original content from Sew. Mama, Sew!



Top 3 tips for sewing VELCRO

I started on the first project for my Children’s Toys range tonight – CRAYON WALLETS for the crafty kids in your life! While at it, I learnt to sew on VELCRO (generic name: Hook & Loop) using some helpful tips, which I read on Keyka Lou’s sewing blog. I’m rather pleased that I actually sewed the hook side (the rough side with all the teeth) without breaking any thread. YAY!

Click on this link for the 3 Tips for Sewing VELCRO on Keyka Lou’s Blog.